What is BLT?

Better Living for Texans is a program for adults and kids who want to learn how to eat well and save money. You can make friends and have fun while you learn about eating healthy foods and saving money! To be a part of the Better Living for Texans program, email, call or drop by your local county Extension Office.

By participating in BLT programs, you can learn how to:

  • choose foods that are inexpensive and good to eat
  • make your food dollars last longer
  • make sure you and your family get enough to eat
  • use food labels to choose good foods at the grocery store
  • fix meals that will keep your family healthy
  • make your favorite food with less fat and sugar
  • help your children learn how to eat healthy snacks they will like
  • share useful information with your family and friends (for example, you can learn about unit pricing to help stretch your food dollars, or how to read labels to make healthier meal choices, or even how to keep pests out of your pantry!)

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